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Vowels have been broken, dishes have been thrown, and things have been said that can't be unsaid. Now all thats left is for the lawyers to duke it out!

You and a friend compete to get the most valuable household items possible. Money is all that matters to you, but not to your clients, pull on their heartstrings to win the bigger commision!

Conceived for the 2019 Winter UE4 Jam under the theme "All's fair in love and war."

Designed for two XBox (or compatable) controllers. Left stick to move, right stick to look, face buttons to capture items. Intention was that a 'simon' like input color sequence would be entered to win each item, with complexity increasing when trying to take back a claimed item from the other player.  Gameplay systems are not yet completed to a functional level, for now you can just claim items immediately, setting them to your chosen colour. Currently only kitchen items and children are claimable.  

Pretty far off complete for the jam deadline on this one.  But if there's interest maybe I'll continue with it. As  my first attempt at jamming solo with UE4 and first time I've tried to stick primarily to C++, reasonably happy with the modest progress here in a couple days.  Learnt a great deal about dynamic materials, animation retargeting and Blueprint/ C++ interaction :D

Trying to get a build uploaded, but right now my internet connection is as unstable as the game ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Install instructions

Download, unzip, connect controllers, run PostnupPanic.exe. Sometimes crashes on Windows 10, probably crashes more on anything else  :D 


PostnupPanic.zip 178 MB


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Initial upload crashed on load due to bad map path, fixed version added (all that's changed is the path).